Virtual Tours

Here's a thumbnail tour of the three houses we've built so far-- there's room for three more on site.  We enjoy custom construction, and hope to build you something unique while drawing inspiration and experience from what has come before. 


Our Model House

15oo ft2 - 3 bedroom, 2 bath

Our original plan was to build a spec house that demonstrated the best practices of high performance construction, while retaining a sense of warmth and conformity to the existing neighborhood.  We ended up with an extremely efficient home that blends modern spaces, traditional finishes & lots of storage space in an open floor plan.

Bob & Suzanne liked it so much as we neared completion that they decided to purchase the house and make it their own.

An Open Two Story

1600 ft2 - 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Mike and Kyle wanted a house that felt open, with a seamless connection between two stories.  By opening the first floor into a lofted study, we created a continuous living space that flows intuitively and is easier to heat.   They also wanted a larger attached 2-car garage and plenty of outdoor living space for entertaining and agriculture, which proved challenging given our smaller urban lots.  Through careful site design and perennial landscaping, we achieved this goal without anything feeling cramped.

We also refined our construction techniques here, utilizing foam 'edge forms' and 'curtain wall' construction to create a continuous thermal envelope (R 30 foundation, R 60 walls, R 100 attic).  A single heat pump easily keeps the whole house comfortable. 

Single Story Living

1200 ft2 - 2 bedroom, 1.5 Bath

Miriam and Nancy wanted to downsize to a simple one-story dwelling, while retaining a comfortable separation between public and private spaces.  We gave them plenty of room for dinner parties, while nesting bedrooms, laundry, and even an art studio on the periphery.  There was still room on the lot for an attached garage, sun porch and diverse perennial plantings. 

We also revamped our construction techniques here to make them more affordable; we came close to conventional construction costs without sacrificing quality or energy efficiency  (R 20 foundation, R 40 walls, R 80 roof).