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Simple, Sustainable Intown Living

Building a Pocket Neighborhood of custom homes in the heart of Bangor, ME

Bangor Ecohomes is not your conventional subdivision.  We are a small, but diverse, collective of homeowners building healthier, more comfortable & self-sufficient lives by nurturing a relationship with our surrounding environment.  Too often buildings are simply manufactured, with little or no regard for environment or community--while this process may be quick and cheap, it can be destructive, uncomfortable, and ultimately a lot more expensive.  We follow the sun because it’s sustainable, smart, fun and a more reliable choice for the long haul.

Our team works closely with homeowners--from big dreams, to sketches, to frame & finishing touches--making sure each home suites the lifestyle, tastes & budget it's designed for.  We build EcoHomes to be 'extremely high performance,' meeting and exceeding the rigorous Passive House Standard.  Proof is in performance: after several cold winters, and equally hot summers, we are consistently pleased at how easy these houses are to keep comfortable and little energy they take to run.

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